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Compare Features

The table below is a comparison of the features available with our Free, Standard and Pro accounts. If you have any questions, please contact us. To sign up for any of the accounts below, please register and select the account type on the registration form.

Features Free Plan Standard Plan Pro Plan
Monthly Payment Free $10.00 $20.00
Yearly Payment Free $96.00 $192.00
Monitoring Interval Monitoring Interval:
The free account allows you to monitor your URL's every 30 or 60 minutes. The Standard and Pro accounts allow you to monitor your URL's every 2 minutes.
30, 60 min. 2 minutes 2 minutes
Monitors Service Monitors:
Our free account allows you to have 1 monitor. The Standard and Pro accounts come with 3 and 6 monitors respectively. Additional monitors can be purchased for $2 per month each. A monitor is defined as any device or service you set up to be monitored. For example if you want to monitor http on your web site, that is 1 monitor.
1 3 6
11 Monitoring Locations Multiple Monitoring Locations:
Select from 11 different geographic locations when setting up a monitor.
Email Alerts Email Alerts:
All accounts allow alerts to be sent via email.
Monthly Reports Monthly Reports:
All accounts receive monthly email uptime reports as well as online reports viewable anytime through your account control panel.
Online Statistics Online Statistics:
All accounts provide daily and monthly reports and statistics online.
Control Panel Control Panel:
All accounts have access to an online control panel which allows you to set up and delete monitoring URL's, view reports, change contacts, etc.
Web Server (http) Web Server (http):
All accounts allows users to monitor Web Servers (http).
Email Server (pop3) Email Server (pop3):
All accounts allow users to monitor mail Servers (pop3).
Email Server (smtp) Outgoing Email Server (smtp):
All accounts allows users to monitor Outgoing Email Servers (smtp).
FTP Server (ftp) FTP Server (ftp):
All accounts allow users to monitor FTP Servers (ftp).
Public Statistics Public Statistics:
All of our accounts come with the ability to publicly display your monitoring statistics. However, our Standard and Pro accounts provide more detailed information.
Alert Failure Limit Alert Failure Limit:
You can select to receive alerts after X number of failures. By default, alerts are sent after 1 failure but you can change this setting as you like.
Uptime Button Uptime Button:
You can display your monitoring uptime on your web site using our graphical button icons.
Error Details Error Details:
Our Standard and Pro accounts will display the type of error that was encountered when a service monitor fails, i.e. timeout, 404, etc.
Ping Monitoring Ping Monitoring:
For users who want to monitor their server using Ping, this is available with our Standard and Pro accounts.
Custom Time Zone Custom Time Zone:
Our Standard and Pro accounts allow users to set custom time zones for each service monitor. By default, monitoring time is set to PST.
Multiple Alert Contacts Multiple Alert Contacts:
The free account allows you to set up one alert contact. The Standard accounts allow multiple contacts.
XML / RSS Statistics XML / RSS Statistics:
We offer the ability for you to display your monitoring statistics on your web site using our XML/RSS statistics feed. See the summary reports section of your control panel.
Statistics Download Statistics Download:
You may download your monitoring statistics in a CSV format. See the statistics summary section of your control panel.
DNS Monitoring DNS Monitoring:
Monitoring your DNS servers.
Graphical Reports Graphical Reports:
Our paid accounts offer the ability to view your statistics reports as graphs.
SiteUptime now offers an API (based on REST) for users with an Pro or Standard account. Our API Documentation contains all the information you need to use the API.
User Accounts User Accounts:
Our paid accounts allow you to create sub-accounts with restricted access to your primary SiteUptime account. You can allow access to edit, create or delete monitors.
Blackout Schedule Maintenance/Blackout Schedule:
This feature allows you to designate a period of time (daily, weekly or monthly) for which you want to automatically stop monitoring. Typically, this will be during server maintenance or software upgrades.
Custom "Reply To" Alerts Custom "Reply To" Alerts
This feature allows you to designate a "from" and reply to" email address on email alerts sent from SiteUptime. This is useful if you have alerts sent to your hosting company directly.
Send Alert on Each Check Send Alert on Each Check:
By default only one "down" alert is sent when a failure is detected. If you would like to receive alerts at each check interval, i.e. every 2 minutes, that your site is down, this option is available.
SSL Server(https) SSL Server (https):
The Pro and Standard accounts allow users to set up and monitor SSL servers.
SMS/Call Alerts SMS/Call Alerts:
The Pro and Standard accounts allow users to receive alerts via SMS messages or phone calls. Each account receive either 10 or 20 free credits. Additional SMS/Call credits are charged at $.20 each. You can do this by clicking the "Add SMS/Call Credits" link in your account control panel.
(.20/alert, First 10 Free) (.20/alert, First 20 Free)
Webhook Webhook:
Our webhook will allow you to send alert data to a URL you specify.
Failure Traceroute Failure Traceroute:
Our system will perform a trace route from our monitoring server to your website/server for any failed check.
Public Status Page Public Status Page:
You can display the uptime status for all your monitors on one page publicly. See an example page at:
Custom Ports Custom Ports:
The Pro account allows users to set up and monitor custom ports.
2 Minute Monitoring 2 Minute Monitoring Interval:
Both paid plans include 2 minute check frequency for all monitors.
Additional Monitors Additional Monitors:
Additional monitors are available for $2 per month per monitor. Please contact us for bulk discounts if you need more then 10 additional monitors.
Optional: $2.00/mo. Optional: $2.00/mo.
HTTP Authentication HTTP Authentication Monitoring:
Specify a username and password for a password protected web page and if the login fails, we will send you an alert. Please note, this is available for HTTP Auth type password protection only.
Web Page Content Web Page Content Monitoring:
Monitor any web page for specific word(s). If the word(s) are not found on the page, we will send you an alert.
Optional: $5/mo.
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