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SiteUptime Website Monitor API 2.0

The SiteUptime API gives you the ability to add/edit/delete monitors and access your uptime data for your domains, through a remote custom script.

This simple uptime API uses Modern REST+JSON and is free with all Standard and Pro accounts.

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Ideas for Using the SiteUptime API


Remotely Manage Your SiteUptime Monitors

Through the API, you can remotely perform all of the basic functions needed to add and edit uptime monitors including:

Securely Integrate Uptime Statistics into your Existing Dashboards

Already have an internal control panel or end-user dashboards? With our uptime API, you can easily add stats to your existing control panels.

Automatically Create Monitors for All New Client Domains

Web hosting companies, SEO agencies, and other web service providers that focus on domains; can (and do) use the SiteUptime API in combination with their internal systems or 3rd party integration systems (like Zapier) to automatically add/edit/delete monitors as new clients are added.


Get Started with the SiteUptime, Website Monitoring API


Create Your SiteUptime API Key

  1. Log into your SiteUptime Dashboard or, Create a New Account.
  2. If you aren't currently a Standard or Pro User, click on "My Account" and select the "Upgrade" button, or click here to upgrade.
  3. Then, click on the API button on the side and select the "API v2.0" link.
  4. Add an API key with the permissions you need.

Consult the SiteUptime API Documentation

Once you have your API key, consult the SiteUptime API Documentation for complete information.

Contact Us for Assistance

Need additional help getting started? Click the "Need Assistance?" link in your control panel.


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