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Get Notified by Email, SMS or Phone When Your Website is Down

The website monitoring service trusted by professional system administrators

Know when your website or server is down - before your customers do.

SiteUptime will check your website at 2 minute intervals from 11 different locations across 4 continents.

Before alerting you, any failure is confirmed with an alternate geographic location check, minimizing the potential of false positives.


"Website monitoring is so important for SEO that even one glitch can cost you rankings and traffic. SiteUptime helps us make sure our website continues to bring in sales 24/7."

-- Clayton Johnson, TheHOTH


Free Plan: $0/mo.

  • 1 Monitor
  • 30 Minute Checks
  • Uptime Reports
  • Email Alerts
  • Public Statistics Page
  • Alert Failure Limit
  • Control Panel
  • Uptime Button
  • 11 Monitoring Locations
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Standard Plan: $10/mo.

  • Free plan features, with:
  • 3 Monitors
  • 2 Minute Checks
  • SMS/Call Alerts
  • DNS monitoring
  • Statistics Download
  • Multiple Alert Contacts
  • API Access
  • 10 Free SMS/Call Credits
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Pro Plan: $20/mo.

  • Standard plan features, with:
  • 6 Monitors
  • 2 Minute Checks
  • Page Content Monitoring
  • Public Status Page
  • Sub User Accounts
  • Webhooks
  • Failure Traceroutes
  • 20 Free SMS/Call Credits
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9,654,802,643 checks performed
8,119,459,222 alerts sent

How SiteUptime Works


Multiple monitoring servers around the world run protocol based tests on your website at specific intervals (every 2, 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes) 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year to ensure that your customers and users can reach your website.


If more than one monitoring location detects a connection failure or error, an email or SMS alert is sent to you. Our system will also notify you when you website becomes available again.


Our software tracks these failures and logs detailed reports of the uptime/downtime of your website each month. These reports are available to you to browse via an account control panel.

Available Monitoring Options

  • HTTP: Web Server
  • SSL: Secure Socket Layer
  • Web Page Content
  • DNS: Domain Name Server
  • POP3: Email Server
  • HTTP Password Protection
  • SMTP: Outgoing Email Server
  • Custom TCP Ports
  • FTP: File Transfer Protocol
  • Ping

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