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Service Overview

Your website is your business as long as customers can reach it. Even if your website is up 99% of the time, this translates into over 7 hours per month where your customers cannot reach you.

SiteUptime helps you eliminate downtime by providing free and advanced remote monitoring services for your website. When your website goes down, we notify you instantly via email and or SMS text message so that you may fix problems before they cost your e-business money, customers or reputation. In addition, our service provides detailed statistics about your website's availability and response times so that you can track how often your site is down.

Our Multi-Check technology allows us to monitor your website from diverse geographic regions to ensure that your website is accessible from multiple Internet points. Each monitoring location, operating independently and time-synchronized, tests your website and reports the results to a central database. Before alerting you of a problem, our software verifies the error with multiple stations. Therefore, you are notified about problems that you have control over and not about isolated Internet outages.

Geographical Monitoring Locations:

  • New York, USA
  • San Francisco, USA
  • Portland, USA
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • Brazil
  • Australia

Available Monitoring Plans:

You may compare our available plans.

In addition, we offer the ability to monitor web page content and HTTP password protected web pages. These features are available at $5 each per month per account.

We also offer monitoring statistics via XML/RSS for our Standard and Pro plans. In addition, we offer an API which also allows you to manage your account statistics.

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