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SiteUptime Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What IP's do you use for your monitoring locations?
  2. My failure log shows "No Route to Host", what does this error mean?
  3. How do you determine if a server or website is "up"?
  4. How do I set-up a DNS monitor?
  5. What is SiteUptime?
  6. How far back do you keep monitoring statistics for my account?
  7. Can I disable my monitoring for a short period of time?
  8. How can I add SMS alerts to my account?
  9. How can I add additional alert email contacts?
  10. Can I create user accounts with restricted access?
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  1. Popular QuestionWhat location codes should I use for the API?
  2. Popular QuestionIs SiteUptime having any system issues right now?
  3. Popular QuestionHow is the average response time measured?
  4. Popular QuestionWill your monitoring work with web pages that require cookies?
  5. Popular QuestionHow long does the API session key last?
  6. Popular QuestionHow can I see response times for each check?
  7. Popular QuestionDoes SiteUptime offer a webhook feature?
  8. Popular QuestionWhat is HTTP Authentication Monitoring?
  9. Popular QuestionDo you send alerts for each check period?
  10. Popular QuestionCan you monitor slow load times?
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